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About us
If the main target of your visit for Germany is business – you're more then welcome!
Are you looking for reliable business partners in Germany?
You already have partners in Germany but you would like to make your business connections wider?
You're not sure which one of sectoral tradeshows to visit for having more advantage and efficiency?
— means best rates for accommodation and land services.
— means always new ideas and professional approach to business.
— means guarantee of in-time- payment for your booking by us.
— means flexible bonus system for industry professionals.
Lots of leaders of business market in Russia and CIS countries are already our clients.
What can we do
Business trips for Germany
— Accommodation bookings
— Transportation services
— Translator services
— Check-in for tradeshow visits
— Ticketing
— Assistance

Know more
Tourism in Germany
— Professional guides & services
— Transportation services
— Tailor-made tours
— Europa Park

Know more
Let's discover it together!
Germany has many faces!
TIME Europe International Travel Service GmbH

— is a multiskilling tour operator for Germany. Our
company has been established in 2013 and has its headquarter in Düren, the town in Nordrhein-
Westfalen. From there we are serving our clients all over Germany, which is so big and its cities and
towns are so different one from another.
We help you to discover Germany from all its sides, and you'll find out very quickly this is not only the spot for Bavarian Oktoberfest or hugest international fairs and conferences.
And more
— is the motherland of richest culture with world importance;
— means wonderful people living there and, calling themselves Germans, in the same time are the mix of
different dialects and traditions, languages and cultures – essential part of modern society;
— means the great football clubs and world-famous car brands.

— means great medicine and different nature from seas to wood-and- snow-covered mountains;
— means world-important museums and leading opera houses of the world;
— means magnificent gastronomic, beer and wine journeys, so different from another countries of the
— means funny winter carnivals and Christmas markets of indescribable beauty.
Original ideas and non-typical decisions – our way of life.
Germany is huge and multifacial, and it makes us to find something special for our and your clients in each part of the country, should it be the baroque architecture of Saxony, the vineyards and beautiful castles of Rhein and Mosel valleys, the interesting combination of beaches, water and green of the North or heartiness and sincerity of Swabia.
Your incentive program will be a remarkable and unusual adventure in each of them.
Germany as a more interesting travel destination for every client.
We co-operate very active with special information source in Russia and in Germany, with regional tourism boards in Germany and with the German National Tourism Board as well.

Thanks to such a co-operation we can inform our clients about everything going on and promote Germany as a more interesting travel destination for every client, even a very demanding one.
Germany is very rich of events important to visit for business
and for having a good time.
Germany is a home for leading international fairs, congresses and conferences. The biggest fair
complexes are located in Hanover and Frankfurt.
Meanwhile it's a home for funny beer festivals in Munich, Stuttgart and other places, Rheinland carnival
in Dusseldorf, Cologne and Mainz, wine festivals in Wiesbaden, Dresden and Wurzburg, sailing days of
magnificent beauty on the Northern and Baltic Sea, famous international film festival in Berlin and a lot
of other events.
We'll organize and plan your trip for a fair, conference or congress with pleasure, choose the hotel
according to your taste, think about transfers, assistance and surely about entertainment after hours.
If you about to travel for leisure – fine, with pleasure we'll assist you to make up your choice for the
places and events which would fit the utmost to you, your needs and wishes!
We're ready to consider for producing any request for incentive event of any kind in any point of
Germany and to offer you our ideas.
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TIME Europe International Travel Service GmbH

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