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Auto Maintenance and Repair Expo (AMR)

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Auto Maintenance and Repair Expo (AMR)

Welcome to Auto Maintenance and Repair Expo (AMR)!

Catalysing innovation and advancing sustainable development.

The Auto Maintenance and Repair Expo (AMR) will return to Tianjin from 20 to 23 March 2024. With 40 years’ serving the automotive aftermarket, AMR remains committed to supporting businesses through promoting technological advancement and the development of new products and business models.

The rapid growth of car ownership in China and resulting demand for maintenance and car care services have transformed the country’s automotive aftermarket into a vibrant sector. Set to reach a  value of RMB 1.7 trillion by 2025, this market offers abundant development prospects for industry players. AMR fosters collaboration between suppliers and buyers in this rapidly evolving sector, bridging communication gaps and enabling sustainable industry growth through cooperation, innovation sharing, and partnership development. 

Meanwhile, Tianjin is poised to become a major supplier of new energy vehicle components and a hub for advanced car connectivity. The city provides an ideal environment for AMR to drive innovation and long-term growth within the sector. 

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Auto Maintenance
and Repair Expo (AMR)


Tianjin, China


20 – 23 March 2024

[2024 Visitor Flyer Released] Grab All the Information in One Go! This visitor flyer presents all visitor information, including physical & online attendance guide and exclusive offers. Feel free to share.
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